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Welcome to Active Archive!

What exactly is Active Archive?

Active Archive will enable us to look back into the lives of 'everyday' people, their opinions and memories, whilst promoting interaction across different sections of a community and raising awareness of local heritage.

Aims: To carry the past into the future, whilst making it more accessible to people in the present. to actively record by photography, sound, video production and performance the memories and existing reminders of 'local history'. To provide an open to all national archive of years gone by, but still in living memory.

How: It will take the form of several arts projects, promoting awareness of local heritage amongst groups who may otherwise be uninterested in their local history - e.g. young people, or those who feel their 'history' remains unrepresented, unrecorded and unacknowledged. e.g. familes who have relatively recently emigrated to an area.

groups varying from age concern to youth clubs, will be asked to take part. The intention is that a broad cross section of people will be encouraged to participate as interviewers and interviewees, in order to get varying views and memories of the past as seen by different people. Those interviewing gain an insight into the history of their area whilst interviewees are given the chance to tell their story. Both become part of a unique creative process.

Each active archive project will be based within a local community defined by borough, such as Slough, Runnymede, Wigan, etc. Paticipants in each project become a member of the National Active Archive, and can participate in every aspect of research, recording, discussion, production and publicity.

Funding may be sought on behalf of the archive by larger groups and charities who are interested in running a project in their area. The committee members of Active Archive will be responsible for raising awareness within each community, through publicised meetings, networking, contacting local arts and history groups and Council Arts or Heritage Officers. Equipment will be begged for and borrowed or hired/purchased when funding permits.

ANYONE can contribute, ANYONE can make an archive!